Volunteer Oaxaca

Volunteer Oaxaca was designed to help volunteers and organizations find each other. From our experience of volunteering in Oaxaca and talking to others, we realized that there are many organizations looking for volunteers and many volunteers looking for organizations in Oaxaca but they weren’t always finding each other. So we created this bilingual directory to change that!


The Directory

The idea is for this page to act as the first stepping stone for volunteers to find organizations who need volunteers. We do not organize placements but offer a comprehensive list of non-profit organizations in Oaxaca. So check out our directory and find the perfect organization for you!


For Volunteers by Volunteers

Having done a lot of volunteering and worked in a number of volunteer programs, we also thought it would be nice to share our experiences with you to help you make the best of the experience and to avoid mistakes (we made them for you, so you don’t have to!) So take a look at our blog page for hints and tips.

If you have experience volunteering in Oaxaca or elsewhere and would like to share your hints and tips, contact us about writing a guest blog. We would love to hear from you!


Get Listed

If you would like for your organization to be listed on Volunteer Oaxaca, contact us. It doesn’t cost anything to be listed, we just ask that you ensure you have the capacity to take on volunteers.