Community is extremely important in Mexico and there are a lot of organizations working to improve the lives of various communities. This kind of work can vary greatly and can fall under a number of categories but all the projects listed here have a community aspect at their core.

  • Hub Oaxaca is a shared working space for social projects in Oaxaca.


  • Fundación En Via combines tourism and micro-finance to fight poverty by providing interest-free microloans to help women in Oaxaca start or expand their small businesses.


  • Nija’nu works to improve the quality of life of elders living in extreme poverty in the Mixteca by providing them with food, shelter, and care.



  • Museos Comunitarios works with communities to create local museums that help to retain the history of the community and its members.



  • Piña Palmera works in the southern coast of Oaxaca to provide rehabilitation, social integration and information to people with disabilities.


  • Ideas Comunitarias works to generate a society with justice and dignity by working with communities to build healthy relationships in harmony with their environment.


  • Libros para Pueblos works to provide books and libraries to marginalized communities in Oaxaca.


  • Techamos una Mano build eco-homes based on Tetra Pak and PET for families in urban poverty.


  • Innovando la Tradición is a creative platform where artisans, designers and artists serve potters or Oaxacan pottery communities to support the development of their craft.


  • Colectivo 1050º is a collective of artisans, designers and artists who produce and sell high quality utilitarian pottery with designs arising from collaborative processes inspired by tradition and change.



  • Paz en las Manos is a sustainable living community based in San Agustin Etla.


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