Oaxaca’s education system is known to be one of the poorest in the country. There are many challenges such as marginalization and poverty that make getting access to effective education very difficult. It is said that Oaxacan children attend school for an average of 6.4 years (the national average is 8 years). Thankfully there are a number of projects working hard to improve education for both children and adults:


  • El Proyecto Trilingüe promotes cultural exchange through dialogue and constructivist collaboration with multimedia while investigating identity, languages, and traditions.


  • Oaxaca Learning Center offers free tutoring to students 14 years and older with no financial resources, many of whom have traveled alone from small villages to attend high school in Oaxaca City.



  • AgroSanO is using education and cultivation to work towards an ideal of food sovereignty through biointensive organic agriculture.


  • Divertigranja a farm/petting zoo for children with and without disabilities.


  • Libros para Pueblos works to provide books and libraries to marginalized communities in Oaxaca.


  • Fundación En Via combines tourism and micro-finance to fight poverty by providing interest-free microloans to help women in Oaxaca start or expand their small businesses.


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