In 2011 nearly 500,000 people in Oaxaca state received help from the government-run scheme called Oportunidades whose aim is to help the most impoverished citizens in the areas of Health, Nutrition and Education. Oaxaca is extremely spread out and many communities are marginalized with little access to healthcare. Therefore, there are a number of organizations working to provide increased access to healthcare across the state.




  • Amemos Vihvir works to increase education about AIDs and HIV and support people living with the disease.


  • CORAL works with children and adults with hearing impairments both in the city and the surrounding communities.



  • Piña Palmera works in the southern coast of Oaxaca to provide rehabilitation, social integration and information to people with disabilities.


  • Cuidando Angeles provides care and comprehensive rehabilitation for children with Cerebral Palsy.



 * Photos courtesy of Hannah Lofgren

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