Human Rights

The spotlight hit Oaxaca in 2006 after the teacher’s protests turned into a seven-month conflict.  Since then the world has become more aware of Oaxaca’s resistance movements and human rights monitors have turned their gaze onto the state.  In the first 31 days of 2012 there were 8 blockades and 22 marches in Oaxaca city.  Oaxacans definitely don’t take things lying down and for this reason there are a good number of human rights organizations based in Oaxaca.


  • GesMujer works to promote social equality and women’s well-being through various initiatives


  • Consorcio is a women’s rights organization started over 10 years ago in Oaxaca


  • COMI is a refuge for migrants traveling North through Mexico.


  • EDUCA promotes democracy and development, justice and equality in Oaxacan communities


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