Volunteering From Afar

A Fundraising Event Held in London for Sikanda, Based in Oaxaca

A fundraising event held in London for Sikanda and non-profit based in Oaxaca

Volunteering comes in many different forms and does not always involve work in the field. There are many ways to help an organization from afar without stepping foot in the state or even the country. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to volunteer from your home.


Fundraising can come in all shapes and sizes, from online crowd-funding campaigns to a tea and cake party for a group of friends and many more ideas in between. If you particularly like the work of an organization in Oaxaca you could really help them out by fund-raising for them amongst your friends and contacts. Check out the organization’s website for ideas and contact them to chat about their needs. Some of the larger organizations may even have a fundraising pack that they could send to help you.

Social Media and Design

If you are a wizz at social media, a designer of websites or if you could design a flyer or poster in a flash, then you could really help out a non-profit. Many small organizations have very little money for salaries and therefore have to divide jobs between a small team. Often the director is the designer and tweeter or the program officers help build websites in between site visits. Something that would be a quick job for you could help relieve the staff of these demands, giving them the chance to get on with the work they are truly experienced in.

Writing articles

Awareness raising is a big step in generating funds for a small non-profit and this can be done in all sorts of ways. One fantastic way is for them to have an article about their work appear in magazines, newspapers or online. If you are a writer, then why not consider learning more about an organization that interests you and writing about their work, there are so many fascinating stories to tell.  If you then have the contacts to get it published, fantastic or even self-publishing it on your blog is a real help. The more people that know about an organization, the better! Who knows, your article could lead to a big funder discovering the organization and them receiving money to help them continue their work.


It is often important for non-profits in Mexico to translate their work into a number of different languages. They may need to translate anything from grant proposals, to blogs or simple Facebook updates. If you speak Spanish and another language, this could be a super way for you to practice your language skills whilst really helping out an organization. Even just a few hours a month is a bonus for a non-profit.


Some organizations really benefit from donations of things as well as money. This could be anything from pens and pencils for schools, to toys and clothes for children’s homes or even paint and tools for construction projects. Always contact an organization first to see what they need. To save costs, many people organize for someone heading to Mexico to bring the donations in their luggage.

If you have other great ideas about how to volunteer from afar, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

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